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Created in 2001, the ILF is an international nongovernmental organization that assists post-conflict and transitional countries in establishing public defender systems that provide effective, quality criminal defense services for the poor. It is guided by two fundamental principles: that laws must be drafted with an appreciation of the cultural realities of the country in which they will function; and that defense lawyers—as guardians of due process—are indispensable to any fair system of justice and must be provided to anyone accused of a crime.

The ILF family around the world joins together in this difficult time to support the people of Nepal and all those affected by Saturday’s devastating earthquake. We offer our deepest sympathies to the families of those lost, and express our heartfelt concern for those who have been injured and displaced by this awful tragedy.

The ILF encourages all of its friends and supporters to contribute to relief efforts in any way possible. If you would like to directly support the ILF-Nepal’s staff, their families, and their clients, please click the link above. The ILF will use all donated funds to help assure the safety and well-being of the many people who were in jails or prisons when the earthquake struck, and who may not be receiving the aid they need due to their marginalized status as prisoners; and to help our staff lawyers, who have been sleeping outside in tents with their families and have limited access to food, water, and medicine.

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