ILF West Bank January 2012

West Bank

ILF-West Bank provides free criminal defense services to indigent accused persons in the West Bank. The ILF opened the first independent public defender office in Ramallah in 2010 at the request of the European Police Coordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (EUPOL COPPS), the European Commission’s rule of law project in the West Bank.  ILF-West Bank plans to expand into  Jenin and Hebron in coming months. To date, ILF-West Bank has represented more than 150 clients, the majority of whom came to the ILF through the juvenile court system.
Nael Ghannam

Country Director

Nael Ghannam, the head of ILF-West Bank, has specialized in criminal defense for the past five years. Before joining ILF-West Bank, Ghannam worked as a partner in a private law firm in Ramallah and joined ILF-West Bank to pursue his passion for criminal defense work. Ghannam earned a law degree from the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco, in 2004.

Aseel Ibrahim

Communications Officer

Aseel Ibrahim, who handles communications and reporting for ILF-West Bank, earned a BA degree in English Language and Literature at Birzeit University, West Bank, in 2008. Aseel passed the Legal Translation Test and was certified by the Ministry of Justice in 2011. Before joining ILF-West Bank, Aseel worked at Al-Ayyam Printing, Press, Publication & Distribution Company as an administrative assistant.

Ghadanfar Kamanji

Legal Director

Ghadanfar Kamanji previously worked as a legal consultant to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and assisted the Law Faculty at Birzeit University in publishing legal books. Kamanji graduated with a B.A. in law from the Arab American University in Jenin and has taken additional course work on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Rami Shuaib

Finance and Administration Manager

Rami Shuaib came to ILF-West Bank from the USA, where he began his career with Sheik & Co, a CPA based in New York. Shuaib graduated from Keller Graduate School of Management in New York with a master’s degree in public administration specializing in accounting and finance.

Nirmeen Odeh


Nirmeen Odeh joined the Ramallah office in 2015. She graduated from Birzeit University in 2014 with a Major in Accountancy, and a minor in Translation and interpretation. After her graduation, she worked in the Justice Sector Assistance Program as an embedded translator in the Military Justice Commission for a year.


Yasser Al-Qasrawi

Staff Lawyer

Yasser Al-Qasrawi has been practicing law since 2010 in a private law office in Al-Khalil. He is a graduate of Mohammed I University in Morocco, with a degree in Law.

Sameh Shabanah

Staff Lawyer

Sameh Mustafa Muhamad Shabanah graduated from Birzeit University in 2009, with a degree in law. He completed his training at The Law Offices of Nabil Mushahwar. He obtained his attorney license in 2011. He worked in a private law office until January 2015.

Laith Al-Kelani

Staff Lawyer

Laith received his Bachelor’s in Law degree in 2008 from AAUJ and a Masters from Al-Najah University. He has received various trainings on human rights, specifically women’s rights, and the rule of law from Palestinian foundations and other NGOs including trainings from the Palestinian Bar Association about criminal courts and practice. Before joining ILF-WB, Laith worked in a private firm since 2010.

Sawsan Bani-Odeh

Staff Lawyer

Sawsan Bani-Odeh graduated from Arab American University in Jenin. She earned her attorney license in 2011 and worked in a private law firm in Nablus before joining ILF-West Bank.

Emad Salaymeh

Staff Lawyer

Emad Salaymeh graduated from Al-Quds University with a law degree in 2010. He received his attorney license in 2012 and has been working in a private law firm in Al-Khalil.

Ruba Yassin

Staff lawyer

Ruba Yassin came to the Ramallah office after having practiced for one and a half years as a lawyer. She previously worked for the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR). She received her Bachelor’s in Law degree with distinction from Birzeit University, and received a diploma in Judicial Studies from the Palestinian Judicial Institute, where she was trained by Palestinian judges. She also participated in preparing a manual to monitor the guarantees of fair trial in accordance with international norms and Palestinian laws through ICHR.

Suad Jawan

Staff Lawyer

Suad Jawan is a staff lawyer who previously worked at the Ministry of Finance in the land registration department. She is a native of Ramallah and graduated from Birzeit University, West Bank, in 2009 with a degree in law.

Maryam Jaradat

Staff Lawyer

Maryam Jaradat graduated first in her class from Arab American University in 2011. She had the distinctive honor of attending the third training session for trainee lawyers hosted annually by the Al-Haq Foundation. Prior to joining the ILF West Bank she worked at a non-governmental organization as well as at a private law firm.

Khuzama Al-Sharief

Trainee Lawyer

Khuzama Al-Sharief has joined the ILF-West Bank recently as a trainee lawyer. Khuzama is a graduate of Palestine Ahlia University with a degree in Law. She trained at Al-Arabi Group Law Offices before joining the ILF-West Bank.

Anas Aqhash

Trainee Lawyer

Anas Aqhash is a resident of Jenin. Anas graduated from Arab American University with a law degree in 2014. He began his training period with the ILF-WB in 2014.

Aya Ghannam

Trainee Lawyer

Aya Ghannam, a trainee lawyer, graduated from Birzeit University in Ramallah, with a degree in Law. Aya started her training at the ILF-WB immediately after graduating from school.

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