ILF-Afghanistan is a country-wide public defender organization that provides free criminal defense services to Afghanistan’s poor. It was the first and, to date, remains the only nongovernmental organization in Afghanistan providing systematic representation to all indigent Afghans accused of crimes, without regard to ethnicity, gender, age or political affiliation. In 2003, the ILF opened Afghanistan’s first independent public defender office in Kabul with two Afghan lawyers. Through 2012, ILF-Afghanistan grew to 13 offices and 73 lawyers around the country, becoming the nation’s primary provider of indigent defense services. Since its founding, ILF-Afghanistan has represented 24,000 indigent clients.
Shabir Ahmad Kamawal

General Counsel

Shabir Ahmad Kamawal, General Counsel for ILF-Afghanistan, manages ILF-Afghanistan’s institutional and government relationships countrywide. Kamawal joined ILF-Afghanistan in early 2006, defending clients in Kabul. His skill and talent as a criminal defense lawyer, as well as his leadership ability, quickly led to his promotion as head of the ILF-Afghanistan Jalalabad Office and then to acting country director of ILF-Afghanistan. Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Kamawal taught Islamic theology, culture, and jurisprudence at the teacher’s institute of Nengarhar and Meya Omar High School, both in Jalalabad. He was born in Kama, Nengarhar, Afghanistan and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Sharia and Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law from Kabul University.

Mohammad Nabi Waqar

Country Director

Mohammad Nabi Waqar, ILF-Afghanistan’s country director,  is responsible for operations of 13 offices countrywide, including project management, strategic planning and communications, fundraising, and management of operations. He joined ILF-Afghanistan with the goal to help make the country’s legal system fairer, transparent, and less corrupt. Before joining ILF-Afghanistan, Mr. Waqar worked for ten years with various nongovernmental international organizations, including Mercy Corps International and Pajhwok News Agency. He has a master’s degree in executive leadership and management from Portland State University in addition to a bachelor’s degree in law and political sciences from Aryana University in Nangarhar. He is currently pursuing a second master’s in international relations and diplomacy from Kateb University, Kabul. He speaks fluent English, Pashto, Dari, and Urdu.

Noorulhuda Gulzada

Finance Director

Noorulhuda Gulzada, the finance director for ILF-Afghanistan, has been responsible for the overall financial management of ILF-Afghanistan since June 2006. In this capacity, he undertakes financial reporting, budgeting, and grants administration; maintains internal financial control; and oversees internal audit and taxation of ILF-Afghanistan by the Government of Afghanistan. He also supervises all office-level finance officers working for ILF-Afghanistan. Prior to joining the ILF, Gulzada worked as Senior Finance Officer for the Medical Refresher Course for Afghans (MRCA)’s main office in Kabul, as a Finance Officer for the for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), a School Administrative officer and Teacher for the GTZ, a German development agency, in Peshawar, Pakistan, and as an administrative assistant for Swiss Aid. Gulzuda holds his bachelor’s degree in business and administration from Bakhtar University, as well as a one Year Executive Diploma in Financial Management & Accounting from Karwan University in Kabul and a one year Diploma in Practical Accounting from COMTEC College in Peshawar, Pakistan, He speaks fluent Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu and English.

Parviz Ahmad Ghafarzai

Administrative and Human Resources Manager

Parviz Ahmad Ghafarzai, the administrative manager for ILF-Afghanistan, joined the organization in 2010 after serving several years as an auditor with the Afghanistan Ministry of Education and the Kabul Directorate of Education. A native of Jalalabad, Ghafarzai began his career as a financial assistant for several regional companies, including the National Bank of Pakistan and the Kochee Marble Factory in Peshawar. Ghafarzai holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Preston University in Kohat, Pakistan and is scheduled to complete his MBA with a specialization in human resource management from Preston University in spring 2011. He speaks Urdu, Dari, Hindi and English.

Ahadullah Azimi

Training Director

Ahadullah Azimi, ILF-Afghanistan’s training director, has worked with ILF-Afghanistan for over ten years. In early 2004, he began working with ILF-A as a defense lawyer, and in 2006 he oversaw the opening of the Herat office before becoming the Kabul office’s supervisory lawyer. In 2010, he became training manager for all of ILF-A, which entails organizing ILF’A’s internal and external training programs; organizing and conducting legal clinics; overseeing the performance of new hired lawyers through their probationary periods; and providing advice to the lawyers in difficult and sophisticated cases. Mr. Azimi is also a volunteer with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, where he has been a member of the Education Committee since 2011. He graduated from Kabul University’s law and political science program in 2003.

Abdul Qayum Ahmadzai

Data and Development Manager

Abdul Qayum Ahmadzai, the data and development manager for ILF-Afghanistan, ensures accurate representation of defendants and tracks their progress through the courts. Ahmadzai compiles weekly client reports from provincial offices and prepares them for dissemination to the ILF-New York officers and board members for review. Ahmadzai also works as a key translator for the ILF, ensuring the correct interpretation of Pashto and Dari by English-speaking attorneys. Prior to joining ILF-Afghanistan, Ahmadzai worked as an interpreter and translator for the British Embassy in Kabul, a secretary for the Afghan Embassy in Bonn, Germany and a media assistant to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Peshawar, Pakistan. He is a graduate of Itehad Islami Afghanistani high school in Peshawar and received journalism and English training from the International Rescue Committee’s Pakistan office.

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