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Our Programs


Through its advocacy program, the ILF provides a crucial voice for the millions of poor persons across the world who are accused of crimes and lack access to effective representation.


Established in 2003, ILF-Afghanistan is the ILF’s largest and longest standing project. ILF-Afghanistan currently has 5 offices with 24 full time staff attorneys, and has provided representation for over 25,000 clients. It is currently in the process of integrating its operations with the Afghan Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Department.


ILF-Nepal was established in 2008 as Nepal’s first independent public defender office. ILF-Nepal currently has 5 offices with 17 staff attorneys, and has served over 2,500 clients, more than 80% of whom belong to marginalized or at-risk groups.

ILF-West Bank

In September 2010 the ILF opened ILF-West Bank to provide cost-effective, quality defense services to poor persons accused of a crime in the Palestinian civilian court system. ILF-West Bank currently has 3 offices with 8 staff attorneys and has represented over 450 clients, more than 45% of whom are juveniles.


In June 2015, the ILF launched a new country program in Tunisia. ILF-Tunisia provides intensive mentoring to its staff and volunteer lawyers, which has led to breakthroughs such as a successful attempt to visit a client in police custody, as well as some notably successful case outcomes which introduced novel arguments in the Tunisian courts.

The International Legal Foundation is committed to ensuring that all poor persons accused of a crime are afforded a fair trial, which is only possible with the assistance of an effective defense lawyer.

Towards this end, the ILF works to establish and build public defender systems in countries emerging from conflict and transition, as well as advocate on the national and international level to protect and promote the rights of poor persons accused of crimes.

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