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Your Support for Poor and Minority Communities - A holiday letter from our Executive Director, Jennifer Smith: Dear Friend, The work of legal aid lawyers in Afghanistan, Nepal, Tunisia, the West Bank and Myanmar is desperately needed and yet also difficult and dangerous. In the most challenging contexts, ILF lawyers overcome incredible obstacles every day to fight for the rights of the poorest and most vulnerable, incrementally […]
Expanding Justice In Myanmar - The indigent accused of Myanmar are in dire need of legal representation in order to avoid lengthy pre-trial detention and unjust sentencing practices. With our offices in Yangon and Mandalay producing excellent results, we’re expanding into more areas to further our mission. This week, our Program Director traveled to the districts of Pathein and Myitkyina […]
ILF, High Judicial Council Jointly Stress Need for Sustainable and Institutional Legal Aid for Marginalized Groups - Ramallah – On Monday, April 23, 2018, the President of the High Court, the President of the High Judicial Council, Counselor Emad Salim Saad met with Jennfer Smith, the Executive Director of the International Legal Foundation, in the presence of the Secretary General, the Assistant of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge, Asaad Al-Shenar. The meeting […]
ILF-Nepal Wins Supreme Court Victory - On November 3, 2015, ILF-Nepal won a landmark case before Nepal’s Supreme Court. As a direct result of our advocacy, a common misdemeanor violation has been removed from the jurisdiction of quasi-judicial bodies and placed under the jurisdiction of District Courts. This decision will have an enormous impact upon the ability of Nepal’s poor to […]
The ILF is Actively Recruiting International Fellows for Tunisia, the West Bank, and Nepal - International Fellows are the backbone of the ILF’s success in its program countries. The ILF’s Natalie Rea International Fellows are lawyers with at least five years of criminal defense, prosecution, or judicial experience who volunteer to work and live abroad on three-month assignments. International Fellows mentor local lawyers day-in and day-out, case-by-case, to help develop […]
ILF Launches New Country Program in Tunisia - The ILF is happy to announce that it has launched a new country program in Tunisia with support from the German Foreign Office. The goal of this new program is to improve the quality of criminal defense service provided to indigent Tunisians, while strengthening Tunisia’s criminal legal aid system. The new Constitution of the Tunisian […]
The ILF Issues a Joint Oral Statement with the ACLU, CELS, and PRI on Issue of Prison Overcrowding - The following statement was drafted jointly by The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), the International Legal Foundation (ILF), and Penal Reform International (PRI). It was delivered on September 10th at the 27th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system […]
ILF-Nepal Completes Its Two-Year Training Program for Criminal Defense Lawyers - ILF-Nepal has successfully completed a two-year project to train criminal defense lawyers in Nepal. Participants commented that this training was an unqualified success, with many trainees saying they had never before had such a useful training experience. This is a tremendous achievement which has made a real difference in the quality of representation provided by […]
ILF-Nepal and Nepal Bar Association Sign Agreement to Develop Legal Aid Guidelines - ILF-Nepal signed an agreement today with the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) which will improve the quality of legal representation provided to poor persons accused of crimes in Nepal’s courts and quasi-judicial bodies. ILF-Nepal will work with the NBA to develop legal aid guidelines which set forth minimum performance expectations for lawyers who provide legal representation […]
Listen to the ILF’s Executive Director on the Backroom Politics Podcast - The International Legal Foundation’s Executive Director Jennifer Smith appeared on Backroom Politics Radio on May 20th, discussing the work of the ILF and the importance and difficulty of ensuring access to justice for all. The entire episode is available to stream or download online, or you can listen to Jennifer Smith’s segment hosted here. The […]
ILF Wins UN Grant to Strengthen Legal Aid in West Bank - ILF-West Bank attorneys Nael Ghannam, Nour Bustami, and Suad Jawan discuss a case with International Fellow Daniel Breger, an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the United Kingdom (assisted by interpreter Aseel Ibrahim) The International Legal Foundation is pleased to announce that we have received funding for our West Bank office through the United Nations Democracy […]
ILF-Nepal Winter 2013 Case Notes - ILF-West Bank’s Winter 2013 Case Notes are now available. Click here for the .pdf file. Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-Nepal’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition of Case Notes covers the legal aid activities carried out by the ILF-Nepal before the courts and quasi-judicial bodies while representing […]
ILF-Afghanistan Country Director Appointed to Legal Aid Board - ILF-Afghanistan’s country director Shabir Ahmad Kamawal has been appointed to Afghanistan’s Independent Legal Aid Board. This is a prestigious appointment and one that reflects Shabir’s reputation as a dedicated legal aid advocate who has spent years defending Afghanistan’s most vulnerable. The Independent Legal Aid Board was established in 2009 to coordinate and provide oversight to […]
ILF Welcomes Judge Dunstan Mlambo and Ernest Duncan to its Board of Directors - The International Legal Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors: Judge Dunstan Mlambo and Ernest Duncan, who was also appointed Board Treasurer. Judge Dunstan Mlambo brings three decades of experience as a lawyer and judge in South Africa, and, as the chairperson of Legal Aid South […]
ILF-West Bank Winter 2013 Case Notes - ILF-West Bank’s Winter 2013 Case Notes are now available. Click here for the .pdf file. Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-West Bank’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition of the Case Notes reports on decisions that strengthen the right to counsel in conciliation courts (courts with […]
ILF and UNODC Host Side Event at CCPCJ in Vienna - On April 25, the ILF and UNODC will host a side event parallel to the 22nd UN Conference on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna: Building Public Defender Systems in Post-Conflict and Transitional Settings Providing High-Quality and Cost-Effective Legal Representation The aim of the meeting is to focus attention on the benefit of public defender […]
ILF-Afghanistan Meets with Justice Officials and OSF - ILF-Afghanistan’s country director, Mr. Shabir Ahmad Kamawal, recently met with the Deputy Minister of Justice for Legal Affairs, the head of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, and the head of Open Society Afghanistan in Kabul to discuss rule of law issues in Afghanistan. Mr. Kamawal spoke about the process of integrating ILF-Afghanistan with the Ministry of Justice’s […]
ILF Executive Director Participates in Kazakhstan Criminal Defense Roundtable - Jennifer Smith, the ILF’s executive director, recently travelled to Kazakhstan to participate in an expert roundtable discussion on enhancing the role of defense lawyers in protecting constitutional rights and freedoms in criminal proceedings. As Kazakhstan reforms its criminal procedure code, Smith highlighted the importance of ensuring that accused persons have access to a defense lawyer […]
Jennifer Smith Named Executive Director of the ILF - The Board of Directors of the International Legal Foundation (ILF) is delighted to announce the appointment of Jennifer Smith as Executive Director. A graduate of Boston College Law School, Smith has been the Advocacy Director at the ILF since 2010. Before joining the ILF, she practiced as a public defender in New York and Massachusetts, […]
ILF-Nepal Secures Funding from Swiss - Thank you to all of those who generously supported ILF-Nepal while we were seeking long-term funding.
ILF Launches Search for New Executive Director - The International Legal Foundation (ILF), a leading NGO providing criminal defense services for the poor in countries emerging from conflict, is launching a search for a new, full-time, Executive Director to replace Natalie Rea, founder of the ILF. “After ten years of successfully building public defender programs in Afghanistan, Nepal and the West Bank,” Ms. Rea said, “the […]
ILF-West Bank Case Notes for June to November 2012 - Case Notes from ILF-West Bank for June to November 2012 are now available here:  (PDF File) Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-West Bank’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition of the Case Notes reports on the courts’ vigilance in bring cases to a close, and recognizing […]
ILF Advocacy Director Speaks at Michigan Law School’s ‘Human Rights Week’ - ILF advocacy director Jennifer Smith recently addressed students at Michigan Law School to kick off Michigan Law’s annual “Human Rights Week,” which focused on detention issues within the US and abroad. Ms. Smith focused on the global crisis of excessive pretrial detention, which can be alleviated through the adequate implementation of the right to counsel […]
ILF Hosts UN General Assembly Side Event on Access to Legal Aid - On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, the International Legal Foundation co-hosted a high-level side event along with the Republic of South Africa and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime on “Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems.” The panelists provided commentary about their countries’ strategies and challenges in providing effective and efficient criminal legal […]
UN High-Level Meeting on Rule of Law - ILF encourages the world’s leaders to address the global crisis in indigent defense...
ILF Executive Director Speaks at Conference in Peru - Discussed issues of pretrial detention and challenges of providing effective criminal legal aid
ILF-West Bank Case Notes for January to May 2012 - Case Notes from ILF-West Bank for January to May 2012 are now available here: (PDF File) Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-West Bank’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition of the Case Notes reports on the Appellate Court’s ruling that clarifies the procedures for the police […]
ILF- Nepal Hosts Study Tour - ILF- Nepal hosted a study tour last week for representatives from the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) and the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). Both organizations are based in New Delhi, India and are working on developing public defender centers and models in various states around India. Representatives of these organizations learned from the successful […]
Panel Discussion in Washington DC with Country Program Staff - On Wednesday May 14, 2012, staff from the ILF country programs will be participating in a panel discussion hosted by the Open Society Institute in Washington, DC.  The ILF’s advocacy director, Jennifer Smith, will be moderating. The topic will be “Effective Indigent Criminal Defense in Post Conflict and Transitional Settings: Advances and Challenges”. The panel […]
ILF joins Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development as a Founding Partner - The ILF has joined the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development as a Founding Partner. The Global Forum, an initiative of the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency, aims to provide an innovative and dynamic platform for knowledge exchange on issues related to law and development. The ILF looks forward to actively participating in this […]
ILF-Afghanistan Cited as Success by the German Government - In a report on progress in Afghanistan to the Bundestag (a federal legislative body in Germany), ILF-Afghanistan is cited as a success in institution building and governance. The report, authored by the federal government, states on page 40: “In Afghanistan there are too few qualified defense attorneys. Therefore, the [German] federal government has for many […]
ILF-Nepal Wins Release of Illegally Jailed 14 Year Old Client - ILF-Nepal’s office in Kanchanpur recently won the release of a 14 year old client who was being illegally held in detention with adults. Filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus with the Appellate Court, advocates submitted two documents that conclusively proved that the client was no older than 14. However, the police maintained […]
ILF-Nepal Case Notes for Summer 2011 Now Available - Case Notes from ILF-Nepal for Summer 2011 are now available here: (PDF File) Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-Nepal’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition focuses again on the endless trial delays resulting in violations of the right to a speedy trial. The cases described here […]
ILF and Afghan Ministry of Justice Sign Groundbreaking Agreement to Provide Legal Aid for the Poor - This initiative will strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s justice system to conduct fair trials and protect the rights of all Afghans...
ILF-West Bank Case Notes for July/September 2011 Now Available - Case Notes from ILF-West Bank for July and September 2011 are now available here: (English PDF File) Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-West Bank’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition discusses the tremendous problem of delays in the courts of the West Bank, as well as […]
ILF’s Executive Director Attending Summit on the Global Agenda - Rea is working with fellow Council members to develop principles that will promote greater adherence to the rule of law...
ILF-Nepal Case Notes from 2011 Available in Nepali - ILF-Nepal Case Notes from Winter 2011 and Spring 2011 are now available in Nepali as well as English: Winter 2011: Nepali (PDF file) English (PDF file) Spring 2011: Nepali (PDF file) English (PDF file) To view the archive of all Case Notes publications, please visit the Case Notes section of our website.
Congratulations to the ILF on its 10 Year Anniversary! - Congratulations to the ILF’s many staff and volunteers, past and present, from around the world who have contributed to our success over the last 10 years...
ILF-West Bank Meets with Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh - The ILF’s executive director, Natalie Rea, and ILF-West Bank’s legal director, Ali Bazar, met last week with Dr. Layla Ghannam, the Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh and the first female Governor appointed in Palestine. They discussed ways to build cooperation between the ILF and agencies within the Governate, including the police, the Legal Department and […]
ILF’s Executive Director Invited to Join Global Agenda Council - New York, NY – The ILF’s founder and executive director Natalie Rea has been invited to join the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Rule of Law. The World Economic Forum created the Network of Global Agenda Councils in 2008 to advance knowledge and collaboratively develop solutions to the most crucial issues on […]
ILF-Afghanistan Opens New Office in Uruzgan Province - Province’s First Criminal Defense Lawyer Begins Defending Indigent Accused Persons
ILF-West Bank Reaches Agreement With Public Prosecutor to Gain Access to Clients in Pre-Trial Detention - In a positive development for clients of the ILF-West Bank, the Public Prosecutor has agreed to contact ILF-West Bank as soon as...
ILF Participates in UNODC Expert Group Meeting on Draft UN Legal Aid Guidelines - NEW YORK – From March 14-16, The ILF’s Advocacy Director Jennifer Smith participated in an expert group meeting in Vienna convened by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
ILF Advises World Bank on Justice Reform - ILF Urges Increased Focus on Criminal Defense for the Poor in its Justice Reform Portfolio
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