Jennifer Smith Named Executive Director of the ILF

TJSmith Piche Board of Directors of the International Legal Foundation (ILF) is delighted to announce the appointment of Jennifer Smith as Executive Director. A graduate of Boston College Law School, Smith has been the Advocacy Director at the ILF since 2010. Before joining the ILF, she practiced as a public defender in New York and Massachusetts, and later ran the China Defender Program of International Bridges to Justice.

As the ILF’s Advocacy Director, Smith spearheaded efforts to strengthen international support for the right to quality legal representation for poor persons accused of crimes. She played a key role in drafting the United Nations Principles and Guidelines on Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Systems, the first international instrument on legal aid, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2012.

Natalie Rea, founder and former executive director, said, “Jennifer Smith’s practical experience as a public defender, combined with her longstanding commitment to promoting quality criminal defense for the poor, make her the ideal person to lead the ILF into the future. Smith has worked closely with the ILF’s country directors, funders, staff, and board, all of whom welcomed her selection with great enthusiasm.”

See the press release here.

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