ILF-Nepal Winter 2013 Case Notes

ILF-West Bank’s Winter 2013 Case Notes are now available. Click here for the .pdf file.

Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-Nepal’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest.

This edition of Case Notes covers the legal aid activities carried out by the ILF-Nepal before the courts and quasi-judicial bodies while representing indigent people accused of crimes. In this edition we focus on a new legal issue raised by ILF-Nepal, the right to equal protection under the law, illegal detention, and the prevalent violation of the three months limit to decide cases in quasi-judicial proceedings.

This is the first edition of the ILF-Nepal Case Notes authored solely by ILF-Nepal’s Country Director, Ajay Shankar Jha “Rupesh”, as part of the process of completing the transition of ILF-Nepal to local leadership. After joining ILF-Nepal as an advocate in 2008, Mr. Shankar Jha demonstrated exemplary leadership ability, becoming a Regional Director before being named Country Director in 2011.

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