ILF-Nepal Secures Funding from Swiss

We are pleased to announce that ILF-Nepal has secured two years of funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. This funding will allow ILF-Nepal to continue providing much needed criminal defense services to the poor, while assisting the government of Nepal to design an effective and efficient nationwide criminal legal aid system. Thank you to all of those who generously supported ILF-Nepal while we were seeking long-term funding. Your support enabled the organization to stay open and continue providing important services.

A recent example of how vital the work of ILF-Nepal is to protecting the poor and promoting the rule of law is the case of Sushil, an 18 year old impoverished rickshaw driver. On December 20, Advocate Kamal Ghising found Sushil while visiting the jail in Birgunj, near the border with India. He had been arrested in February on a minor disorderly conduct charge, and could not afford the 2,000 NRs (approx. US$23) bail that was set. His case was tried in a quasi-judicial body that did not follow the required procedural rules, or even inform Sushil that the trial had taken place. As a result, he was detained and simply forgotten, languishing in prison for ten months before ILF-Nepal found him. Sadly, this occurs far too frequently in Nepal’s criminal justice system.

Advocate Ghising studied the documents in the case and discovered that Sushil should have been released months ago. Ghising immediately obtained an order for his release from illegal detention, and personally delivered the order to the jail so that Sushil could be released same day.

Happy New Year and best wishes from everyone at ILF-Nepal!


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