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ILF-Nepal Wins Release of Illegally Jailed 14 Year Old Client

ILF-Nepal’s office in Kanchanpur recently won the release of a 14 year old client who was being illegally held in detention with adults. Filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus with the Appellate Court, advocates submitted two documents that conclusively proved that the client was no older than 14. However, the police maintained […]

ILF-Nepal Case Notes for Summer 2011 Now Available

Case Notes from ILF-Nepal for Summer 2011 are now available here: (PDF File) Case Notes covers some of the issues that ILF-Nepal’s attorneys are working to address and selected cases of interest. This edition focuses again on the endless trial delays resulting in violations of the right to a speedy trial. The cases described here […]

ILF-Nepal Case Notes from 2011 Available in Nepali

ILF-Nepal Case Notes from Winter 2011 and Spring 2011 are now available in Nepali as well as English: Winter 2011: Nepali (PDF file) English (PDF file) Spring 2011: Nepali (PDF file) English (PDF file) To view the archive of all Case Notes publications, please visit the Case Notes section of our website.

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