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The ILF is Actively Recruiting International Fellows for Tunisia, the West Bank, and Nepal

International Fellows are the backbone of the ILF’s success in its program countries. The ILF’s Natalie Rea International Fellows are lawyers with at least five years of criminal defense, prosecution, or judicial experience who volunteer to work and live abroad on three-month assignments. International Fellows mentor local lawyers day-in and day-out, case-by-case, to help develop […]

ILF-Afghanistan Cited as Success by the German Government

In a report on progress in Afghanistan to the Bundestag (a federal legislative body in Germany), ILF-Afghanistan is cited as a success in institution building and governance. The report, authored by the federal government, states on page 40: “In Afghanistan there are too few qualified defense attorneys. Therefore, the [German] federal government has for many […]

ILF and Afghan Ministry of Justice Sign Groundbreaking Agreement to Provide Legal Aid for the Poor

This initiative will strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s justice system to conduct fair trials and protect the rights of all Afghans…

ILF-Afghanistan Opens New Office in Uruzgan Province

Province’s First Criminal Defense Lawyer Begins Defending Indigent Accused Persons

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