Posted In: December 2011

ILF-Afghanistan Cited as Success by the German Government

In a report on progress in Afghanistan to the Bundestag (a federal legislative body in Germany), ILF-Afghanistan is cited as a success in institution building and governance. The report, authored by the federal government, states on page 40: “In Afghanistan there are too few qualified defense attorneys. Therefore, the [German] federal government has for many […]

ILF-Nepal Wins Release of Illegally Jailed 14 Year Old Client

ILF-Nepal’s office in Kanchanpur recently won the release of a 14 year old client who was being illegally held in detention with adults. Filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus with the Appellate Court, advocates submitted two documents that conclusively proved that the client was no older than 14. However, the police maintained […]

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